Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Case of the Modest Coverage

Okay, so, back a long time ago (read: last post), I told you that I had submitted my script (A God-Fearing Man*) to Slamdance Feature competition. In addition to doing, I also requested "Coverage." For those of our readers (hi mom!) who don't know what that is, coverage is defined as:

"Wearing clothes that blanket an area of the body deemed inappropriate to a modest degree."

Wait, what the hell? Damn wikipedia, wrong entry. Oh well, anyways, coverage is industry-speak for having a professional reader read your script and write up a basic "What's good, what's not." So, I had a Slamdancer read it and she (I believe it was) wrote up a three page doc.

In my imaginary "I'm famous and have blog readers" world, I'll post it (someday, I promise, when people care and it actually matters) so you can compare the draft sent in with the coverage and see if you agree.

Basically, they gave me thumbs up for the first two acts - saying they were "nearly great." So, for a second real script, I'll take it. They said that the third act seemed somewhat forced and disconnected a bit. They gave a few suggestions to make things connect better (all of which were formulaic, but I can't understand the idea that they're suggesting).

So, we'll see if that influences the outcome of my placement in their competition, but I'm very happy about the positives I received. The negatives (though, surprisingly polite and nice about it - didn't really even seem like that big of a deal) were helpful too. The script, to me and a few others, is very sublime about the way it goes about, and if you don't catch the subtle touches, you miss why it moves a certain way. Those who really examined it, got it instantly.

That aside, I'm not perfect at all, nor do I believe the script was perfect. Perhaps too much stuff was unsaid/unseen - so it did disconnect. Not everyone will be able to read into it and read into my brain. So, I'll pull it out and start to rewrite it at some point and try to make it more apparent (without ruining the cerebral quality I was going for). Tough balancing act, no doubt.

Well, so, we'll see how it fares at the competitions (I'm hoping it'll do well and people will "get" what I'm trying to say and do). Slamdance did push back their announcements for finalists two weeks - so it won't be until September 5th that I hear how I'm doing with it all. Sad. Tear.

Onward and upward. Any readers of the blog interested to read the script, let me know, and I'll see if I can get it to you.

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