Monday, June 30, 2008

Movie Marathon Part 4 - Let's Have Sex

Now, let's start off by saying that I am not the target audience of Sex and the City. I'm not a woman. I'm not self-obsessed (though readers of the blog might beg to differ). I'm not middle-aged. I'm not gay. I'm not one who spends copious amounts on money on shoes. I don't have a "New York - specifically Manhattan - is SO much better than anywhere else" stick up my ass. I don't own the show on DVD.

That said, the movie isn't half-bad.

Okay, I'll be brief with this (I feel better after the Lucas rant). The movie runs long - 2 1/2 hours long. It feels more like a short season than an actual movie. So it drags a bit. The first half drove me NUTS. Nothing but selfish, self-obsessed women making an absolute mess out of their lives. The second-half is them realizing this, growing, and patching things up. Good ending, bad beginning.

Part of what made it bad was that this was pretty much territory already covered in the show. The show ended too well (from a character standpoint). They had to take a step back for everyone to give us what they did. That was terribly annoying and a cheap cop out.

But, they did a decent job moving them forward.

Did I love it? No.

Did I hate it? No.

Was it really worth making? No.

Did I enjoy it enough? Well... yeah, pretty much.

Decent. B-


LewisFamily2006 said...

Sarah Jessica Parker looks like a man in this picture.

Tony California said...

Ha! Better than a horse, right? I liked this picture cause it was really scary.

And I'm not saying she looks like a horse. Others have.