Monday, June 23, 2008

Movie Marathon Part 2 - Days get Darker

Summer movie season was off with a blast - how long would it last?

Two weeks.

Enter: The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian: or How I learned to Love the Nuclear Bomb: Part Duex: Could this Film's Title be any Longer?

Now, let's go back, oh, 2 1/2 to 3 year to the first movie. It was surprisingly decent. Came across a little like Lord of the Rings-Lite, but good story, cute English kids, and good effects. It was good. The allegory worked well (if not so heavy handed it could bludgeon a child), and the structure of the thing supported it's weighty running time well enough.

Previews for the second one looked good (and how is it that most movies' trailers are better than the actual films. Like EW suggested years back, why don't we hire the people who make the trailers to just make the movies - they'd be far more entertaining) - a darker look, interesting concept, and all the kids hit that awkward ugliness of teenage-dom.

But things went downhill from there...

Okay, so I'll be fair - I actually enjoyed watching the movie. It's filled with lots of action (an extreme amount of violence and gore for a PG movie - that rating was totally bought by Brazilian hookers or something) and intense action scenes. But by the time you hit the two hour mark - the aesthetic of fighting with no real story has worn off - and it's made even worse when, once again, as soon as our characters get stuck in a tough situation - the damn Lion shows up and saves the day.

Which leaves all of us wondering "Why the hell didn't he do that earlier in the movie and saves countless lives?" I know it's a Christian Allegory - but it just makes you mad to think about it. It's the lamest cop-out ever. And the incredibly deep explanation "Things don't happen the same way twice" didn't help the taste of bitter taste of bile in the back of my throat as I walked away.

In short - fun to watch, entertaining - if not light on story, but with a cop-out ending (that, I guess shouldn't really bother you unless you're a movie nerd like me). I'd wait for the dollar movie or a cheap matinee.

Even though I bitched a lot, the film was done decent enough. The structure was smoother and leaner than the first. All in all, at times better, at times worse, than the first.

An "eh" B-

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