Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Sundance Wrap Up

For those out there in the inter web, one night can also mean 6 weeks - and no one will know. Just like the time that I switched out Gatorade at the local gym for a bottle of my own urine.

Vomiting on exercise equipment aside (that old lady will never forgive me), here's how the rest of my movie watching ended up:

Thursday night: Birds of America
Okay, so I picked this movie not cause it sounded great (of course, the Sundance blurb writer could make a Hilary Duff movie sound like Pi), but because Matthew Perry, Hilary Swank, Lauren Graham, and Ben Foster starred in this movie (and I got tickets to the premiere).

So, here's the basics - two ominous signs of doom keyed me off as an alpha and omega (for those of us non-fraternity people (or those who were too pissed to remember those six years of community college) that means Beginning and End).

One - when the Academy Award winning stars (not to mentioned that some of them PRODUCED the movie) don't even show at the premiere - the movie might be a piece of crap.

Second, and keeping in line - when the "climax" of the said piece of crap involves the main character dropping trow and taking a fat dump on his neighbor's lawn - you know you're not exactly watching Citizen Kane.

Yeah, no need to say more. Moving on. (Grade: D-)

The Last Word:
Wes Bentley plays a poet who earns a living writing amazing suicide notes for people who are considering the end-all, be-all option. Ray Romano (hilarious, dry, and depressed) plays his latest client. Winonna Ryder plays the sister of a previous client (meaning: he killed himself).

Idea is great, the execution is pretty decent. Though it didn't hit on all cylinders, it was funny and tragic and most of what is promised. And I loved the end. I'd see it again. (Grade: B-).

And the last movie I drug myself to see (note to self: don't try to see more movies that come out in a month in just under 8 days) was, you know, screw it, I'm not even going to give out the name, cause it'll never make it over here and no one will see it.

Basically, the name was an inappropriate term that I thought was a play on words or a double entrandre, which, no, it wasn't. It was a blatant illustration. Yeah, at the promise of a horror movie, it turned into porn and I left disgusted. I won't even make a "Me like porn" joke that would be oh so typical of me - this movie just pissed me off. "Art" my ass - this was crap (and not the funny uncomfortable crap that was Matthew Perry on Hilary Swank's lawn).

But - to make up for - the cinema gods smiled on me. On Sunday I flew out to NY for a secret spy meeting - oops, wasn't supposed to say anything. Why does this damn typewriter have no white-out!!! Gah!!

Anyways, on the flight I sat next to a Producer for ABC who was watching Sundance films on DVD in order to give a recap for his show. So, I so kindly leaned over and watched an entire movie over his shoulder (which I'm sure he enjoyed in the oh so close confines of a spacious coach flight). The movie was The Wave

It's a German film about a gym teacher who, while trying to get his students to understand fascism (which, they being German (think: Indiana Jones), think they know all about) gets them to form their own little club. Which turns into a clique. Which turns into a Gang. Which turns into an Army. The movie is shocking and scary and realistic. It does an amazing job of showing how quickly mindsets can be swayed and spiral out of control.

This was a powerful movie that I saw over a guy's shoulder on a plane. Imagine how it would be in an actual theatre. See this movie. (Grade: A)

And, there you go - it's still January (the end). The Oscars haven't happened yet - John McCain didn't ruin the Republican party's chance at re-election - the Stock market hasn't gone into the toilet - and Pauly Shore hasn't been shot yet - whoops! That hasn't happened yet. 

damn Delorean gets me into trouble everytime...

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