Friday, March 21, 2008

Rant Time

I'd like to welcome our faithful readers (all three - thanks mom!) to a new and maybe recurring segment: Rant Time - where I bitch about things that piss me off. Let's start this off on the right foot:

John McCain
Now, let's be honest - I'm not what you'd call Liberal (in honor of the border-fence initiative I've erected a barbwire fence around my kitchen - ain't no Mexicans getting out!), but the idea of John McCain as president makes me quiver like a child after watching that Pee Wee Herman movie (damn Large Marge scared the shit out of m--- er, most kids). And it's not cause he's old, out of touch with reality, been a career politician, schemed with Huckabee to run Romney out the race because he's a bigoted bastard - it's because HIS ARMS ARE TOO DAMN SHORT!!!

Have you seen those stumpy bastards? He flails them around like road cones glued to his shoulders. Gah! It reminds me of when Kermit the frog yells and shakes around, except I can't find those wires they attach to John's wrists. I bet you he has them attached to his pants so he can reach down to pull them up after crapping on our country.

That I have to Vote for McCain
Okay, so 'witty' rantings aside - the big issue this year is the economy. Politicians love to harp the War on Iraq - but it's almost inconsequential when you examine the most pressing issues threatening the country today.

Essentially, of the two plans I've heard (McCain and Obama), McCain's is the only one that won't plunge the economy further into a recession/inflation/stagflationary state that it's already in. That happens - say goodbye to prosperity for quite a few years people. No more Super-Sizing them Big Macs for about five years.

Tangent: It's 1979 - Carter has just screwed up the country. Gas prices are at record highs - inflation is out of control - and the economy is in the toilet. From a monetary policy point of view - what do you do? Battle Inflation (by raising interest rates) or battle the recession (by lowering rates)? Either way, you're damned if you do, damned if you don't. What did the FED do? Raise interest rates sky high. From a Fiscal policy - you're Regan, coming into this heap of monkey crap - what do you do? You cut away any programs that are large expenditures for no good reason - Gov spending does not dictate the economy, but it has an impact.

And it worked. It took a few years, but the economy got under control and became quite prosperous (and paved the way for the great 90s).

Welcome to today. Similar conditions, eh? What can you expect the FED to do? Raise rates. Very soon. Bernanke is not dumb - he's much smarter than Greenspan if you really look at it. What do we need a politician to do? Cut programs and buckle down.

What is McCain's plan - cut taxes. What is Barrack Hussien Jong Il Putin Obama's plan? Raise taxes and increase government spending. Hmmm.... Is it really that difficult to figure out, people? "Change" does not mean "plunge the country into the toilet" - it means fixing what is wrong.

This has been a public service announcement brought to you by PETA. Remember to have your dogs and cats spayed and neutered!

Sadie loves mommy - but is frightened by that last statement...

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