Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Killer Mac and Cheese Recipie

So a friend of the blog, we'll call her "Chi-chi McIpod," has been bugging to actually update something once and a while - and were it not for that damn thing called work (or, as I like to call it "Hell with Joel Madden" (which is much worse than just normal Hell, like three or four levels)), I'd be blogging everyday. As it stands, I barely have the creative energy to make witty barbs about obscure actors like Will Friedle to passerbyers.

But, something incredible happened the other week and I must share. It's what I like to call:

Boo's Cheese and Mac Recipe.

So, friend of the Blog Brittany made me some Mac and Cheese the other week. Now, granted, the standard recipe for the dish is pretty easy. Add noodles, water, milk, and cheese by-product powder into a dish and heat.

Well, Brittany is no common mortal, no, no. She decided to pull an Emeril and go nuts on this bad boy. Check this bitch out:

Step one: Boil water
Step two: Add Noodles
Step three: Drain water
Step four: Add milk and butter
(and here's the real kicker)
Step five: And TWO (you heard me, two) packets of cheese mix

See, why cook 1 part cheese, 1 part noodle, when you could do 2 part cheese, 1 part noodle?

The results:

Wow. Words can't be formed (cause I'm choking on the cheesiness). A dish that is so sludgy with cheese, it would make Chester Cheetah gag. Powerful stuff. I couldn't wash it down with draino.

So, the next time you're in a mood for something new - try this bad boy out and watch in enjoyment as people cringe and pee themselves.

Until then!

Sadie loves mommy!

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