Saturday, January 26, 2008

Sundance Night Three: Indie Night

Back on up to Park City for the world premiere of Baghead.

The Duplass brothers' second movie follows four wannabe actors who, after seeing an (terribly done) indie movie at a film festival made for just under $1000 decide to hole themselves up in a cabin at Big Bear and write a star vehicle for all four of them.

Unfortunately, hidden intentions, desires, and booze get in the way of writing. The first night, one of the girls stumbles into the night to throw up. After puking, she spots a man, standing in the woods, watching her, wearing a bag on his head. She immediately freaks and wakes up in her bed, in the morning.

Spurred by her apparent dream, they begin to write a horror movie involving a killer with a bag over his head. But, after walking through the woods, the two men find the vomit. Was it actually a dream? Is someone actually watching them?

Expertly balancing comedy and horror, the movie is not too bad. It's Indie, for sure. But, it's got heart, is decently funny, and, at times, down right scary. I enjoyed it. I was surrounded by a "Too-Cool-For-School" crowd of Starbucks drinking, Prius drivers, so that got a little old. Everyone thought too much of themselves and gave the "That was amazing" too all involved (while secretly hating the creators for completing a simple movie and managed to get it to play at Sundance) - which was distracting, but all in all, it was good. Nothing to write home about, but for what it is, it's good. 

I'll give it a B-

And, to add to the point that it's decent for the crowd it plays to - Baghead was bought the next day by a distributor (one of the few movies this year that was actually bought). So, bravo. Shot in an interesting, efficient style (and economical), I'll be interested to see how it runs at the BO and Blockbuster.

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