Monday, December 10, 2007

Welcome to Sadie Loves Mommy!!

Welcome to Sadie Loves Mommy!!

The only blog found on this wide wide world of the 'net where you can find up to the second information on Sadie Munro-Clark - the dog with the world's best sense of grammar! Please check back in periodically for tales of Sadie bravery and courage (along with cooking tips from Lisa Marie Presley).

As many of you know, Sadie was born an Asian child in the far reaching mountains of Romania in 1246 A.D. After living out her first life (more in another blog), Sadie experienced four other lifetimes before returning in her latest reincarnation - a Pit Bull-Lab mix (now referred to as a Plab) in Snowy Salt Lake City, UT.

Residing with her mommy - Sadie enojys chewing on everything (especially ducks), snuggling with visitors (that's you, Boo), and the occasional (constant) passing of gas. Bless her aged and wise heart.

Sadie, welcome to the web - we love you and are more than ecstatic that you have come to Earth (again) to join our family. We love to serve and serve to love thee. The honor of posting your many exciting pictures and tales is more than enough for us humble peasants.


Sadie loves mommy.

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