Friday, December 21, 2007

The Long-Awaited Redress

Hello, loyal devotees of Sadie Loves Mommy. Might I first start off by humbly apologizing for the lack of entries over the past week. As you are aware, we started off with a bang and a flourish of posts - which unexpectedly screeched to a halt (like it was hit with a cold spoon). Circumstances arose in the lives of the posters that caused this breach of etiquette. They were as follows:

1) That damn new Dark Knight trailer hit. Holy Shizzle - have you seen this thing? How many of you (with me) scoffed (and quite possibly giggled) when Heath "Brokeass Mountain" Ledger was cast as the Joker? Are we all choking on humble Shepard's pie now? Man oh man alive - were we ever wrong. If you haven't seen the trailer yet (which is all Jake - er - Joker), check it out. It's creepy. Just the Joker sitting alone in his prison cell is enough to make your skin crawl and stomach churn (and not in the way the last Ledger movie did). Ooh, yeah, we've been addicted to this trailer ever since it hit last week. Haven't been able to make it back to the blog. Go Chris Nolan!

2) Global Warming (see previous post).

3) Blizzards. While this reason seem to contradict the previous reason (or might I say "excuse") - it's been snowing like a sonuvabitch here in Sadieville. I wish Global Warming was real instead of an aerosol-induced Al Gore hallucination (and accompanying PR campaign). It's freezing! And storming up a storm (if that term can overcome its inherent, cyclical impossibilities)! I'm standing outside with hairspray and paint cans, spraying them into the sky. To quote Drew Carrey, "F*** the grandkids, I'm cold NOW!"

4) Midgets. 'Nuff said.

5) A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila. Now, seriously, you can't get much more white trash than watching a "reality" show about a huge group of guys AND girls try to win the love of a (albeit) beautiful bisexual? But why do I find myself glued to this show every time I come across MTV (and it is literally playing 24/7 on that channel - they should rename that station WoSRTV (Waste of Space Retard TV because they only play programs for Waste of Space Retards - and yet I find myself watching... hmmm.... just had a moment of self-discovery.... oh well, it's over))? (Wow that was a lot of digressions for one thought - possibly a new for the blog) Anyways - I have to watch five minutes every time I see it (five minutes because that's how long it takes for my small intelligence quota to overcome my huge pop-culture whore quota and get me to change the channel). Not that I know any of the characters or frankly care - but it's hilarious how all the show is are contestants making out with Tila. Girl's going to end up with some sort of disease before the season is out. Then season two could be Win a Shot of Penicillin with Tila Tequila.

And we'd still watch.

6) The Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual Sale. Does any other sign in the world cause as much mental distraction as "Bras and Panties Half Off." I'm just saying.

7) Coming up with this comprehensive list of excuses-er-reasons why the blog entries have been delayed.

So, there we have it. And guess what? Christmas is coming, so there might be more delays, but I promise to return with a bang. We've got some powerful, adventuresome stories to tell. Stories to excite. Stories to impress. Stories to touch.

That's really what we aim for here at Saide Loves Mommy - to touch people.

People of age ( no one needs another Michael Jackson or (to a lesser extent) Casey Aldridge).

Thank you.

...and sadie loves mommy.

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