Friday, December 14, 2007

A Birthday Message from Sadie to Mommy

Sadie loves mommy!

Happy Birthday Mommy! Sadie loves you. Sadie glad you take her for walks and sleeps with her. Sadie loves teh toys she gets to chews up that you gives to her. Sadie sorry she pooped all over the carpet - Sadie couldn't hold it any longer.

Sadie is lucky dog to have Melissa as her mommy - Mommy loves Sadie with almost a frightening intensity. Sadie sometimes gets confused if she was birthed by dog or by mommy. Sadie doesn't mind though. She try to sit like Mommy on couch.

Happy birthday mommy - Sadie hopes daddy marries you soon so she no longer feel like a bastard child.

Sadie loves mommy.


Lila said...

Happy B-day Melissa!!!!! I wish you all the best. Sadie cannot wait for you to come back home so you two can celebrate your B-day!

Sadie's best friend said...

Melissa!! Happy brithday! Sadie is so proud of you and she doesnt even care that you are getting older. Just keep bring home the treats.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Clarme!!

Sadie Baby said...


I want to wish you the very happiest of birthday's. Thanks for taking such good care of me. I love living with you but why doesn't daddy stay over all the time? I like it when he's around but he isn't always there. My friends all have daddy's and make fun of me calling me Sadie the Accident which I don't really understand. But what's important is that I know you love me and you love me to. Thanks mommy, happy Birthday.

Playa said...

Congrats on the engagement!!! I just knew you and Aaron were meant for eachother. My best wishes on a long and beautiful marriage!!!

T said...


Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great day!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday...and, it looks like Congratulations is in order as well. While I'm at it - Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Happy Holidays!